Ever been on travel, plugging away on your Powerbook and really got homesick for your Linux / BSD box? OSX Hacks is trying to help you bring some of that magic with you; by porting (and collecting ports of) the XScreensaver hacks to OSX.

Jamie Zawinski, original author of XScreenSaver for the X Window System has ported most - all? - of the hacks for XScreenSaver to the OSX platform but with some limitations. This project's goal is to provide users with ports of the same hacks that operate in the natural OSX screensaver framework - no X11 server required.


Globulator pixies Pretty colors

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Or a tutorial... But anyway. If you have a hack - or a link to a hack - for OSX please ship it in an email to jpbarto (at) users dot sourceforge dot net and I'll be sure to get it up on the site and made available!